Reye Syndrome


Reye syndrome is progressive fast action brain disease primarily found in children. It is extremely rare, only a few thousand cases are seen in India in a year with a 30% chance of mortality.


The exact cause of this condition cannot be pinpointed but medical professionals discovered that certain factors are attributed to the triggering of this disease.


The symptoms are age dependent in some children.

1. Children 2 years and younger
2. Older Kids
3. Other General symptoms

Risk factor

These factors collectively happen together or increase the child’s chance of developing Reye syndrome and in one-third kids, it leads to long term disability.


There is no test specifically present to diagnose Reyes, however  we can test for the presence of underlying conditions like the inability to oxidize fatty acid or any metabolic disorders.


These treatments are advised to contain and control Reyes. They will help your child have the support and monitor the aggressive nature of the condition without it leading to complications.