Bile duct Cancer (Cholangiocarcinoma)


Bile ducts are the slender tubes which carry digestive fluid. Formation of mutated cells in this region leads to tumours and is called Bile duct cancer. The occurrence of bile duct cancer is very rare with less than 100,000 cases each year in India but it is very aggressive in nature and survival rate depends on the stage of cancer and early detection is key.


The exact cause of this condition cannot be pinpointed.


In the early stage, there are hardly any symptoms but in the later stages, some patients tend to  have

Risk factor

Studies show that some underlying conditions can exacerbate the chances of getting this disease. It causes the most risk when the following condition occurs in tandem.


It is extremely difficult to diagnose this cancer at its early stages. At later stages the following tests help understand the extent of the disease and the treatment strategy.


There are both surgical and non-surgical avenues of treatment which depend on the stage and spread of the cancerous cells.

Surgical Methods

Non Surgical Methods