About Us

The LiverIndia Program

LiverIndia is an exclusive initiative, tailor-made to handle liver ailments. Globally we lose approximately 2 million people to liver disease-related deaths. An early prognosis and treatment plan can effectively minimize the number of deaths. In India alone, liver disease amounts to 2.3% of total deaths. Our goal is to be far reaching and the first call for help for patients, irrespective of their social circumstances. The lack of awareness that a transplant can definitely change fate’s dictate on a person diagnosed with liver disease, is a major cause for deaths as well. We come in early to help better patient lifestyle choices, provide state of the art medical procedures, guidance and all manners of treatment to help them keep a healthy liver. These include liver transplants, diagnostics, and treatments. Our promise is to deliver the best holistic patient care.

The Man Behind the Mission

Our team is led by Dr Karthik Mathivanan. His medical expertise spans more than 15 years. He is the Associate Director, Liver and Multi-organ Transplant and HPB surgery, at MGM healthcare. He is a coveted luminary in the field of liver disease and its management. With more than 2000 successful live liver donor transplants, his experience is unparalleled. He is the Founder member of the prestigious Liver Transplant Society of India. As a liver specialist and surgeon, he knows first hand the misconceptions, disinformation and fears that people hold about liver ailments. His main aim and dream are to educate and help people get proper liver care. LiverIndia initiative is a philanthropic endeavour that promises treatment and care for people from all walks of life.

Perks of Partnering with LiverIndia

Experienced specialists deliver quality healthcare without factoring in money. By partnering with the LiverIndia initiative you are guaranteed of receiving top-notch seasoned health professionals to access your medical needs. Liver disease-related deaths have doubled in the last decade. It is imperative to maintain your health now more than ever. Since the covid 19 pandemic, having a fit, disease-free lifestyle is very important as comorbidities cause the most fatalities. At LiverIndia, patient care is a service, not a means to make corporate gains. We provide you with excellent liver care on offer anywhere in India or the world. Our diligent work ethic and high medical standards will put your mind at ease

Our Associates

Tempered with experience, knowledgeable about the cutting edge, and trained with the best, they are the best in their field. They have a robust knowledge of liver-related ailments having performed many transplants, cutting edge technologies and the like.

State of the art facilities

Good doctors need to be equipped with the best infrastructure for great success. At LiverIndia our partner hospitals include MGM healthcare and other special.

Our Team

Our doctors have extensive practical experience and are trained in advanced treatment methods and knowledgeable about state of the art medical equipment.