Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)


Non-Alcoholic fatty liver disease is the most chronic cause of liver disease and is often caused by lifestyle factors like obesity. In a healthy liver there is no fat deposition. On the contrary there is excessive fat deposition on the liver despite low or no alcohol consumption in individuals with NAFLD.

The following are the stages of NAFLD


There has been a lot of controversy on the exact causes of fat deposition in the liver in non-alcoholics.  However, the following have been identified as possible causes.


In case of advanced disease

Risk factors


Most patients remain asymptomatic until there is serious damage to the liver. Hence diagnosis of NAFLD comes into picture only when other tests point to a liver problem. Diagnostic tests to assess the extent and severity of liver damage include


There are no specific drugs recommended for NAFLD. Primary treatment strategy involves lifestyle modification including

For patients with advanced liver cirrhosis liver transplant might be indicated.