Gallbladder Cancer


Gallbladder is a small organ found on the right side of our body under the liver, which stores the bile (digestive fluid) produced by the liver. The location of the gallbladder makes the growth of this type of cancer much easier and detection so much harder. Formation of mutated cells in this region leads to tumours and is called gallbladder cancer.


The exact cause of this condition cannot be pinpointed.


In the early stage, there are hardly any signs but in the later stages, some signs start to appear.

Risk Factors

Studies show that some lifestyle choices and some diseases can exacerbate the chances of getting this disease. It causes the most risk when the following condition occurs in tandem.



There are both surgical and non-surgical avenues of treatment which depend on the stage and spread of the cancerous cells.

Surgical Method

Non-invasive/Late Stage Methods