Introduction: In the realm of cancer therapy, advancements continue to reshape the landscape of treatment options. Two such innovations, Rold vaccines and organoids, have been making waves in the field,

Small Bowel Transplant: Myths and Reality Check The world of medical advancements has witnessed incredible strides in the field of organ transplantation. Among the lesser-known and discussed types of transplants

Introduction         Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC), a rare and aggressive form of liver cancer originating in the bile ducts within the liver, presents a significant challenge in the realm

Introduction  Organ transplantation is a medical marvel that has saved countless lives around the world. However, despite the remarkable advances in medical science, the demand for organs far exceeds the

Introduction:  In the realm of modern biomedical research, a revolutionary advancement has emerged, propelling the field of regenerative medicine and drug discovery to unprecedented heights. Enter the world of organoids

Introduction In recent years, the landscape of cancer treatment has witnessed a revolutionary breakthrough with the emergence of immunotherapy. Among the various types of cancer, liver cancer remains a formidable

Introduction: Liver cirrhosis is a serious condition that affects the liver’s functionality and structure, leading to progressive damage and scarring. It is a consequence of various chronic liver diseases, such

A Life-Giving Moment!!! Despite the fact that Liver Transplantation is the only best option that is available for a patient who is diagnosed with either end-stage liver cirrhosis or cancer,

Be a Living Donor! Be a Hero! Andaman, an Indian archipelago is well known by all means for its stunning beaches, pleasing marine ecosystem and tropical evergreen forests teeming with

PAIN IS REAL BUT SO IS HOPE…. BE YOUR PATIENTS’ HOPE… ICU psychosis, a severe mental derangement that presents with psychiatric symptoms in a patient without any known history of

Empathy is invaluable while practicing healing Advanced ageing can be detrimental to a lot of things; To mention a few it can make traveling hard for you, restrict your diet

Humanity is always greater than the problem The first time I met the patient in 2018, he was admitted with Acute Liver Failure. Acute liver failure is described as a

Having a healthy liver is crucial in attaining a better quality of life The liver is vital to our body’s functioning, it performs more than 500 vital tasks at a

A study on medical tourism and its relevance History In ancient Greece and Rome, the healers used to build therapeutic temples surrounding thermal spas and bathhouses for people to relax

The only way to beat progressive cancer is to have a tactical and far-reaching approach Available HCC treatments According to the World Health Organization, cancer is one of the leading

The unprecedented Covid-19 climate has facilitated a paradigm shift in how healthcare is approached the world over. The virus has indeed emerged as a formidable foe leaving the policymakers, healthcare

In the hitherto existing Coronavirus Disease 2019 ( COVID-19 )pandemic era, physicians across the globe are reporting a large number of extrapulmonary manifestations of the SARS COV2 virus including acute