Liver Cancer


Developing malicious cancerous cells(malignant cells)in the liver leads to Liver cancer. It can originate within the organ or due to the presence of cancerous cells somewhere else in the body.


Cancer in the liver can be triggered due to some risk factors but they cannot be clinically verified. Mutated cells develop into tumours or growths in our body and then this spreads as cancerous cells throughout your body.


Liver cancer detection is difficult in the early stages as symptoms do not naturally present themselves. In the later stages, a whole variety of symptoms start to appear.

Risk factor

The global statistics show that repetitive liver infection is the primary cause of liver cancer.


A liver cancer diagnosis by a blood test, imaging tests or in some cases for definitive results biopsy.


There are both surgical and non-surgical methods of treatment.

1. Surgical
2. Non-Invasive method